Friday, January 24, 2014

New Year, New Look, Flexi-Rod Set

Happy Very Belated New Year!  I started this year out with a fresh new hair cut.  It was long overdue since most of my ends were damaged from neglect.  As a natural hair stylist with growing clientele (through God's Grace) I realize I have to schedule in time to take care of my own hair, just as I do clients.  Similar to my New Year 2012 cut, I used the DevaChan, curl by curl shape cutting method.  One thing about this method of hair cutting/trimming is the hair doesn't necessarily have to be completely even.  With curly hair, no matter how loose or tight, when heat is omitted from one's hair care regimen, it's the shape that is the focus of the cut, not getting the hair perfectly even.  Below is a shot of how my hair is now shaped from a wash n' go with natural shrinkage...

The Process

I rocked the WNG (wash n' go) look for a couple of weeks and got REALLY bored with it.  After turning to the almighty holy video grail for styling inspiration, YouTube, I decided to give flexi-rod setting my kynxx a try.  To me, the twist n' curl method was much prettier than regular flexi-rod setting results so I went with that method.    

I set my hair using 35 medium sized flexi's, on damp hair with Aunt Jackie's Curl La La.  It was only 5.49 at my local beauty supply and the ingredients are mostly natural without any parabens, mineral oil, or waxy petroleum so I finally had a chance to use it for this style.  I started out twisting the back section of my hair, working my way up to the front of my head.  Each section was about an inch to inch and a half with long rectangular shaped parting.  I must add that sleeping in these babies was not comfortable at all.  

 After sleeping with them overnight I took them down the next day almost 24 hours after the set exactly.  I was very impressed with the amount of shine the product left my hair with. 

Unraveling them in the same direction they are rolled in is important. This way the curls come out looking like spirals.

 I'm often being sent products and this was a new one sent to me from Jane Carter Solution. I often use it on clients as a finishing spray for exceptional shine and to add a nice scent to the hair.  I thought it would make a good oil to also separate my hair with to omit frizz along with my own product, Mango Shine to finger coil the rod set sections during the separation process.

 It's important that after separating each twist n' curl you go back and finger coil the curls in the direction they were set in with the flexi's...this makes the curls return to a more spiral like look instead of the look in the photo above. 

 This night I was going out for the night and realized this style is not one to do if you are in any time of rush.  It took me quite awhile to unravel and re-coil each section to the desired fullness I wanted. The more you separate, the bigger and fuller the look your hair will have.

Finished Look

Chillin at the club...I got many compliments on this style. So of course, thanks followed along with card :) 
My Luv'd One and I
Second Day Hair

 I didn't have to do much to keep the flexi set looking descent.  I just slept with a bonnet on and the next morning just hand picked it out while finger coiling with Mango Shine on Curls that looked frizzed.  By day 3 they didn't look too good hanging so I opted for a puff.  This was relatively easy, not as much as just WGN'ing but it was a nice change. I'll revisit this again I'm sure setting with different products to see if the outcome varies.  

Wishing you all lots of Love, Health, & Prosperity in 2014!

(happy hair growing)


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