Monday, March 10, 2014

20K Facebook FAN's Giveaway!!!

And the winner is.....
Thank your for sharing your passion with LuvMyKynxx and for participating in the contest. Best wishes on reaching your goals!!

In celebration and to show my appreciation to all Kynxx Natural Stylez by Amber supporters for reaching 20,000+ Facebook Fans Luv My Kynxx is having 3 give-a-way contest this month!!!  Details to each contest will be provided once the winner of the initial contest is announced.

Participant entries will be like none of the contests I've sponsored on LuvMyKynxx blog to date.  I've shared with many Facebook how "Kynxx" first came to be.  I'd always had a passion for styling hair.  I knew by age 4 I wanted to be a hair stylist and suppressed my desire to live my passion due to fear and self doubt I could make a living and support myself and family. I pursued other occupations and never felt any sense of fulfillment or purpose in my life.  After losing 2 jobs in a 4 month period August 2010 and living on unemployment benefits I asked myself what could I do that would really make me happy instead of just applying for jobs to keep me going. Forget the salary, what would make me the most happy is what I wanted to get to the heart off.  It was so clear after asking myself the question.  I started having dreams about doing hair.  Dreams about talking about hair care. Dreams about the benefits of me being home for my children and the freedom of my time. Dreams of doing research about hair care treatments. Dreams of helping other women change their thoughts of what Black Beauty really was.  God was communicating with me through my dreams, and I trusted what I felt was true and real.   Then one day the name Kynxx, spelling and all, just came to me and it felt so right.

Long story short (too late), I began writing this blog September 2010.  It was initially intended to be an outlet to share my personal triumphs and disappointments in my journey to caring for my hair without using heat and keeping my hair healthy. I learned and I shared.  I looked at YouTube videos and learned what protective styles where how to do them on my own hair.  Since I had no clients, nor at the time any desire for them,  I started posting photos of styles I did my hair.  Soon people began asking me if I would be able to style theirs, so I did, but my prices were extremely low due to my just starting out and also not believing people would be willing to actually pay me for providing the services at what in my heart I knew they were worth.  I was styling hair mobile which quickly got old because where I live in DFW the metroplex is huge and it became too expensive in gas to travel to certain cities.  August 2011, I decided to get my hair braiding license through the state of Texas so I could legally braid hair and also obtained a Natural Hair Certification through the Isis School of Ancestral Hair Braiding. During this time I'd gained employment November 2010 working a 40 hour a week and although I was very grateful to have job, that's all it was.  I didn't have any sense of  purpose which I had a overwhelming desire to have at that part of my life.  I wanted to feel fulfilled aside from just being able to provide my family with the necessities and paying bills.  I realized one day at work during lunch after many times of previously logging into my email and Facebook accounts how many people where requesting appointments.  In my heart, I kept thinking how if I were to use the 8 hrs I was spending at the job and invested it into my own Natural Hair Care business I would be so much happier.  Becoming a millionaire was never a part of the goal.  My goal was to make the same amount of income I had from my job, styling hair full time.  So, with a heart full of fear and hope, I prayed on it and ended my job March 12, 2012.  It was the BEST decision I have ever made in life to date.  I exceeded my income goal within a month after leaving the job.  It was all meant for me and I know this due to the ease of all my desires to be financially free and independent coming to fruition.  More importantly I have to add that although I knew I wanted to style hair for a living I never pursued it until age 37.  I'm now 40 and have been living my dream successfully for 2 years.  I am truly grateful for God's grace in my life.  This is all the Divine's work in my life.  It is never too late to live your dream!

Contest #1
 March 10, 2014 to March 24, 2014
Prize: Free Natural Hair UPDO Protective Style with or without extensions (extensions will be provided if winner chooses to use them).  Participant must live withing the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.
Entry Details:
In the comment section below, I'd like to know what your passion in life is. If you feel you don't know what your passion in life is, I'll describe it as it was once described to me...your passion is anything you can see yourself doing everyday even if you didn't get paid for it and still be happy.  Be as descriptive as you desire. Include how your passion will also give to others, your age when you knew it was what you wanted to do in life, if you are pursuing your passion full time or part-time and any future goals you have to help you achieve them.  Winner will be chosen strictly based on the depth of the answer provided.  It's great to share your dreams with never know who may be reading it and have information you need to get you exactly where you are need to be to help you reach your goals.  

            Stay tuned for the upcoming give-a-ways to be announced after the winner of Contest #1 is announced on 3/24/2014!!!

Good Luck and HHG!!!!

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  1. My name is Chunta and my passion is creativity. I have lots of passions but the main thing that connects all these passions together is creativity. I have always been the type of person to create things every since I was in the fifth grade. One of my favorite things to make was dresses for my dolls as a kid. My mother always supported my creative side by enrolling my in different fields in which people express themselves creatively like music, dance, welding ,drawing, and violin classes to name a few. I always was the type of people to encourage other to feed their creative side. So what I’m trying to say is if I could do something and not get paid it would be to help other by encouraging them to express themselves though creativity. I feel that alot of people did not get the type of support that I have and I just want to share that with someone. sorry if its a weird passion Im just weird