Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Marley Twist Tutorial

Every now and then I get really bored with my hair and want to try something I usually don't wear.  I'd been surfing YT for a new style and came across a video of [Nikisha from Urban Bush Babes Tutorial on how she installed her Marley Twists.]  I do offer Marley's as a service as a natural hair stylist but most of the clients I've had that wanted them done wanted a very full look.  When I saw Nikisha's they were so cute to me because number one they didn't look like they took much time to complete (according to her in the video 3hrs) and they weren't very full. They laid close to her head and face which is the look I like when wearing box braids or for the first time these Marley's. In a previous post I show [Havana Twists] and how I install them without detecting where the extension hair  is added. I planned on using the same technique on my own hair. It was a little trickier than I expected.

As always I started out with a fresh clean head of well conditioned hair.   I sealed my hair while wet with organic Castor oil because its very heavy and viscous.  Adding extension hair can deplete my natural hair of moisture and with the temperature here in TX on the rise, for me Castor was the best choice. 

I sectioned off the first piece and used 3 strips of the puffy screw hair by Celebrity as shown in the first photo.  Normally when I use this hair for updos I stretch and separate the hair before installing. Doing so gives the hair a more blow dried, or blown out look.  Since I wanted the twist to come out more textured I skipped that step.  The key to doing these is to be sure the extension hair is undetectable to give a more natural appearance.


My natural hair is no where near this length but I figure what is the point of adding hair for a short look when I can just use my own if that's the case...Waist Length BABY! :)
Section off desired amount of hair for whichever twist size is desired. Separate the section of hair into equal parts.  Place extension hair at the base of the scalp. This is where I added the Kinky Curly Curling Custard to the roots and applied it to the ends.  This keeps my curls from sticking out of the extension hair and gives my hair a nice shine and frizz free hold.
Next, on one side of the parted hair begin twisting the extension hair with natural hair to the right...repeat on opposite side.  This can get a bit tricky so I used a small metal clamp to hold the side I twisted the extension hair into first to free both hands up so I could get a tighter grip onto the hair.  Once both of the divided parts in that section had been twisted to the right to add the extension hair, I then crossed over the right side over the left side and repeated until reaching the end of the extension hair length.  I believe this hair is 48" but since its folded over it ended up 24".


I started with the front because I wanted it to lay a certain way and usually when I start with the back I end up with a look that is too bulky in the front.

The back section was very difficult for me to do.  I kept having to twist and untwist to get the extension hair closer to the base of my scalp.  You MUST twist each section of extension hair to the RIGHT of each sectioned off area that is going to be twisted.
The Finished Look
 Fresh roots...I love the shine Kinky Curly gives my hair. 

 I think next time should I decide to revisit this style I'll make the back sections a tad smaller.  Due to the size I give it a week to 10 days and it'll be time to take it down.

I love hair jewels...found this one at my local beauty supply store. It was actually a part of a necklace that was only .99 cents. I bought it knowing it would fit perfectly around my Marley twists...wish they would have had more!

 I feel like I should be going to some island with this look...wishful thinking :)

I covered my hair using my [Loc Soc]...perfect coverage for the top and upper part of my twists where my natural hair ended.


  1. I love it. This is beautiful Amber. I was going to ask you where did you find that "loc" jewelry.. lol..very smart its really nice! Also thanks for the tip on Keisha at Nappy Bliss..had my microlocs started two weeks ago. Loving them!

    1. Awwe thank you Chandra...I know you are going to love that journey. Your hair is gorgeous!!!! It can only get better Sis! I found it at a local beauty supply store. It wasn't actually for my hair, it was a part of a cheap little .99 cent necklace.