Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kynxx 70k Facebook Fan Page Giveaway!

A week or so ago I was watching HLN and watched a segment about actress/musician Caitlin Crosby, CEO of The Giving Keys, Los Angeles.  Being that LA is my home city, I was intrigued by her vision of helping others while at the same time starting a business that quickly flourished into the latest pay-it- forward movement.  

It all began when Caitlin shared her story about how she stayed at a hotel in NYC sometime ago and loved the way the hotel key looked and wore it as a charm on a necklace after taking the key to an engraver and had an inspiring word engraved on it. A photo of Caitlin wearing the key on a social media site went viral and several other celebrities began supporting and taking photos sporting theirs too. As a result, Caitlin started requesting donations for uniquely shaped and colored unwanted keys.  On each key donated she'd have some type of uplifting word engraved such as love, insprire, believe, courage, faith, dream, hope, fearless, grateful, peace, and let go to name a few.

While walking down Hollywood Blvd one day she noticed a homeless couple holding a sign, approached the couple and learned the female in the couple. made jewelry.  This triggered the initiative to add a charitable dimension to The Giving Keys movement of paying it forward and employing homeless people and those transitioning from homeless as  Giving Keys word engravers.  

I found Caitlin's story of turning a profitable business of spreading love through fashionable accessories while helping others less fortunate extremely touching. Since I knew I would be approaching the 70k mark on Kynxx Facebook Fanpage the timing couldn't have been better for me to support the movement and offer a key I purchased specifically for the purpose of paying it forward to someone worthy. 

Giveaway Prize: Gold Plated Wristlet with the word INSPIRE on the key. 

To enter giveaway, leave a comment on what your passion in life is and ways you currently use, or would like to use, your  passion to serve as an inspiration for others to live their dream as well.  The most heartfelt entry will win.  My last giveway where the prize was dependent on sharing your life's passion only had ONE participant, who happened to be very well deserving of her free hairstyle. I'm hoping more will enter this go round.  After all, what greater way to give back and place such great energy into the universe then sharing your passion and winning a meaningful gift someday in the future you can pass on to someone else just was deserving as yourself. 

I was so inspired I had to get a key for myself.  I'm looking forward to the day I meet the special person I can pay- it-forward to CREATE whatever their passion motivates them to. 

Wishing you all Peace & Love.

Giveaway will run from Thursday September 18th through Friday September 26th.   Winner will be announced Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 12noon.  

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