Kynxx~ Services/Prices

Kynxx Natural Hair Styling
Arlington, TX
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-1pm arrival, 4:30 to 7pm arrival and Saturday 6am to 8am arrival, 2pm to 4pm arrival times, this may vary depending on style chosen.  It's best to contact me via text message due to the volume of calls I receive.  To set an appointment, inbox your contact information. I will follow up at my earliest convenience. 
Consultations are free* and preferred prior to setting an appointment.  A consultation may be held in person or over the phone lasting no more than 10 minutes. During the consultation I will assess the condition of your scalp and hair to make sure the style you choose is healthy for your current hair condition. 

 *In depth Consultations last 30 minutes to 1 hour for a fee of $30. This includes a hard copy of all products suggested, a full regimen to follow which will be sent to you by e-mail and a hard copy may be printed for future referencing (including Ayurveda hair care regimen if interested) a 4oz bottle of Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Poo & Honey Condish and 2oz sample of my River of Jordan Mango Shine Hair Butter...and lots of love and support!

If you have any scalp issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff or any open wounds you much first seek medical attention and scalp must be in good health prior to scheduling an appointment.  If you do not have a Doctor I can recommend you to a local Trichologist in Arlington, or suggest natural alternatives to help heal your scalp problem.  All services are done in the comfort of my home providing the one-on-one attention you and your hair deserve.  Same day appointments** are available in some cases.

****All Styles are done in the comfort of my home located in ARLINGTON, TX****
~Hair Treatments~ 
Herb Infused Hot Oil $15

Deep Conditioning Steam Treatment $20 ($10 if adding service to hair style appointment.

Shampoo and  Deep Conditioning only $25.00  ($15 w/styling session)

Deep Conditioning Treatment only $20 ($10 w/styling session)

**Patch tests are required 48 hours prior to treatments listed below with the exception of Bentonite Clay. $10 deposit will be collected at time of patch test.  Deep Moisturizing conditioning treatment is recommended w/ follow up of Ayurveda services listed below to restore moisture back into the hair.

Cassia~ $25 & up

Brahmi/Amla Hair Treatment: $25 & up

Calcium Bentonite Clay Treatment: $20 & up

~Hair Braiding & Natural Styling Services~ Please do not bring children who are not being serviced to your styling appointment.

Cornrows (no design) $35* & up (3 inches or longer*) w/design $45 & up (going from front to back only)

Box Braids $55 & up (5 inches or longer) w/extentions $150 & up

Two Strand Twists $65 & up (4 inches or longer also can be done to start Locs)

French Braids (2-6 large braids) $35 & up (3 inches or longer)

Braid Out $65 & up (5 inches or longer)

Twist out $65 & up (3 inches or longer)

Havana Twists $90 & up (does not include hair, marley hair not acceptable for this style, in person consultation required prior to services being done)

Marley Twists $125 &up

Protective Style Up Do $65 & up,  with extensions $75 & up or $85 & up with hair included. Type of hair will be discussed during consultation.

Bantu Knots $45 & up

Comb Coils/Starter Locs $65 & up (1 inch or longer)

Crochet Braids $125 & up

Loc Maintenance Palm Roll consultation required for pricing (Recommended every 2-3 weeks)
Interlocking Loc Tightening consultation required for pricing

~Wedding Services~
Available on Location w/ 50% deposit (Discounted Group Rates Available for wedding parties of 5 or more)
Wedding Hairstyles (consultation required) $75 & up

*Starting prices for all styles with NO EXTENSIONS are for collar bone length hair or shorter .  Add an additional $10 up to arm pit length, an additional $20 to bra strap length, and an additional $40 to waist length.  All prices listed are for extension free styling unless otherwise noted. Prices do not include hair. Only hair used in styles that use extensions are Puffy Screw by Celebrity, Rastafri 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair, and Fingercomber Havana Twist Hair.  I do not style braids with any other type of hair.

~Children’s Services ~(ages 1-12) Please do not bring children who are not being serviced during an appointment.
StarterLocs/Comb Coils $45 &up *
Loc New Growth Re-twist $45 & up (Recommended every 2-3 weeks)
TwoStrand Twists $35 & up*
Cornrow Design $35 & up (you may bring beads and I will install them for an additional $5)
Cornrows no design $25
Natural Hair Styling updo  $45 & up
Plaits 4-10 $25
Dutch Braids 2-4 $25
Bantu Knots $35 & up
Crochet Braids $65 & up
 (*depends on length and density)


Mother/Father &Child ~ Hair care classes available on a 1-on-1 basis for $30.  In one hour, you will learn proper hair care grooming techniques to avoid unnecessary hair loss.  You will gain basic product ingredient knowledge and which ingredients to avoid to ensure health of you and your child’s hair.  The class will include a written plan for you to refer to and hair care regimen to meet the goals you have for your child’s hair without using harmful relaxers or kiddie perms.  Child must be in attendance.  You will also leave the class with a FREE 4oz bottle of Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Poo and Honey Condish!

TransitionsCorner ~ If you are considering transitioning from relaxed hair to natural or have already begun your journey and need assistance on how to care for your Kynky hair, this is the $30 1-on-1 class for you!   In one hour, you will have a written plan to reference tailored to your hair goals.  You will learn which product ingredients to avoid.  I will show you how to build a simple time effective hair care regimen.  I will discuss in detail styling options available to you and the importance of protective styling to help lessen hair loss and breakage (for those still in transition) at the line of demarcation (where new growth and relaxer meet).  I will provide on going motivation you need during the “in between” stages.  Many give up their journey towards healthy hair and return to relaxed chemically treated hair between months 4-10 post "big chop" or transitioning.  I’m here to inspire encourage and uplift you during your journey…I’m here for YOU!   You will also leave the class with a FREE 4oz bottle of Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Poo and Honey Condish!