Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Lessons Come From the Journey, Not the Destination...

  Hello blogger's, welcome to Luv My Kynxx. Here you will find helpful support/resources if you're considering or transitioning to natural hair.  In celebrating our journey we will gain peace and love of self, together.   I'm here to support, educate, share, learn, and help you love and embrace not only your natural hair, your natural you in every aspect of your life.  This blog also is a support for my own journey towards obtaining my hair goals and accepting every part of who I am.  I have heard women express their belief that going natural is a difficult transition.  For some it may be.  In my own journey, my sole purpose was simply to transition from a relaxer to natural.  However, as my journey began there were also psychological transformations that took place within my mind first.  Those changes were required in order for me to feel comfortable wearing my hair natural.  For some this step of the process is more difficult then others.  Even when the desire to have natural hair is present. 
  In our culture, striving for "good hair" has plagued our ability for true self acceptance.  Relaxers, weaves/braids with improper tension on the scalp, and other harmful processes are being done to our hair, damaging our scalp thus making the goal for "good hair" an impossible task.  I am a natural hair care stylist and student. I intend on learning all I can from all who are willing to teach about growing healthy natural hair.  In return I will share what I know about cultivating beautiful natural hair.  By natural I mean unaltered with relaxers, hair dyes, and other harmful hair care practices that hinder us from achieving beautiful natural hair.  I will guide and show you how to take the first steps on doing so.
  I see many instances where some women cannot go in public without some kind of extension ponytail, wig, weave or some type of hair added to their own regardless of how unnatural it may look, just to feel like they are being socialy accepted, clinging on to mainstream societies distorted view of what beauty is.  These are some of the women I hope to reach, share knowledge with, and learn from.
  I my goal is to support, encouragement, and love to every black woman/man/child who desires natural hair and has not embraced their true selves by sharing my journey in learning how beautiful and unique our hair is.  By using the right hair grooming techniques and products and choosing hairstyles that protect our hair from damage, caring  and growing natural hair no longer has to seem intolerable. Our various skin tones, our highly textured curls, koils, and kynxx, our broad noses, thick lips, our hips, and overall swag is ultra sexy.  It cannot be duplicated by the masses.  Its time we show appreciation for the natural gift of outer beauty we have been given.  My goal is to create a Sisterhood/Brotherhood of strength, pride, confidence, humility, and love...and I welcome you to join me.  Peace n' Blessings.

Duafe: Symbol of feminine consideration or good feminine qualities:
patience, prudence, fondness,
love and care - things associated with women