Monday, April 16, 2012

Nappiology Fro Fest 2012!

It happened again.  Another one of those accidental doo's that I ended up's how I did it!

 I twisted my hair in 6 large twists and slept in my satin bonnet.  I didn't happen to fall asleep until around 2am, woke up at 6:30am to get my little one off to school, came home, and unraveled the twists.  My hair was still very damp at the root after separating so I left it loose to dry for a few more hours.  Those intended few hours turned into an all day thing...I was too busy to return back to it until later in the evening.  It looked a mess just before bed. I was too sleepy to re-twist so I kept my fro out and slept in my satin bonnet...

Day 2...

I woke up took of the bonnet and this time my hair was completely dry so to soften my hair I generously sprayed some Deva Curl Mist-ER-Right Curl Revitalize so I could finger style it.  It was so big I didn't want to style it up...I was kinda diggin' my fro at this point. 

I repeated my nightly routine for 4 nights, sleeping in my satin bonnet, spraying Deva Curl Mist-ER-Right Curl Revitalize on my hair, followed up with reshaping my fro with my finger styling.  The first photo was of my hair on day 5.  My hair stretched more and more each day I wore my fro.   My roots loosened a lot which definitely aided in the fullness of my fro and lessening shrinkage.  I'll revisit this style for Fro Fest!

If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area make sure you save the date June 16th (Juneteenth) Fro Fest presented by Nappiology, Inc. 


Venue:DeSoto Civic Center
Address:211 E Pleasant Run, DeSoto, TX,
Hope to see you there!!