Friday, December 30, 2011

Full Moons and the Farmers Almanac: Best Days to Cut Hair in 2012

Old wives tales have played a large part of African-American hair care.  These tales have been handed down from generations and are still followed today with the same faith to their truths as when our ancestors first spoke of them.  One that I  heard over the years and recently spoke with a friend who actually follows it, is cutting/trimming hair only on a full moon and according to the Farmers Almanac there are specific days of the month that retard growth and other days that are supposed to increase growth.  I figured one like this could easily be done since I have to trim my hair anyhow, no harm, no foul.  I also heard from a fellow FB friend, actress T'keyah Crystal Kemah advises cutting hair on the new moon is best for growth. Although I'd never heard of it, I figured I'd add it to the list of dates.

The next upcoming date according to the Farmers Almanac to cut hair to increase growth will be December 30th and 31st, 2011, and January 3rd and 4th, 2012.  My goal is to start the new year off with a healthy head of fresh ends and bouncy curls. The second half of this year I didn't care for my hair as well as I did the first year and focused mainly on styling.  2012 I vow to make my hair care a priority each week like I did during the first 7 months of this year.  I can definitely tell the difference. 

Big Chop 2012
I never will forget being on Twitter during the first week of this year reading and looking at tweet pics of Sister's who took the plunge.  It felt so liberating even though I hadn't cut my own.  Just seeing how far we have women voluntarily cutting their hair and in some cases shaving was unheard of even just 3 or 4 years ago.  For those of you planning to bring in the New Year with  BC'ing I wanted to share the best days to cut your hair according to the Farmers Almanac and Moon Phases calender.  When you visit the website you will find it not only lists the best days to cut hair for growth, it also lists the best days to start a diet to gain or lose weight, quit smoking, host a party, entertain friends, get married, retard growth (I guess this would be beneficial for eyebrows, underarms, legs, etc.), picking specific fruit or veggies for those of you who have gardens, and traveling. 

Best days to cut your hair for GROWTH:
(1st Quarter dates for 2012)
December 30th and 31st
January 3rd and 4th
January 25th - 27th
January 30th and 31st
 February 1st
February 4th and 5th
February 23rd and 24th
February 27th

Full Moon Dates for 2012
January 9th
February 7th
March 8th
April 6th
May 5th
June 4th
July 3rd
August 31st
September 29th
October 29th
November 28th
December 28th

New Moon Dates for 2012
 January 23rd
February 21st
 March 22nd
April 21st
May 20th
June 19th
July 19th
August 31st
September 16th
October 29th
November 13th
December 28th

I was hoping the Farmer's Almanac and Moon Phase Calender dates would coincide but unfortunately they don't.  So more than likely I'll follow the almanac and choose one of those dates (probably the 31st) to give my hair a really good cut to start New Year 2012 off with a BANG!!!