Monday, November 5, 2012

Nappiology Nappy Hour 2012


Seem's like yesterday when I attended the first annual Nappy Hour Nappiology Expo pre-party.  Like all Nappiology events I've been to, they just get better each year.  This year, food was served, poets peformed spoken word and as always beautiful men and women graced the venue with positive spirits ready to par-tay!! I was fortunate to have been one of them! Here are some highlights of my night....

 The Bar...

 This young lady is a natural hair stylist from Memphis,TN and Ian Anthony Brown,
Founder and Artistic Director at Bandan Koro African Drum and Dance company a long time Facebook Friend. For more info on his African Dance classes visit
 Me with one of my very first clients, beautiful Georgette. I started out styling hair mobile..such a treat each time I see her...her hair is beautiful!

O-M-G can you say Kool-Aid!! Had to take a snap with the woman who made it all possible De Phillips sweet she is!

 Gift bags for all who attended...goodies from Miss Jessies!!

Food on Deck!!

 Spoken word Artists were on point...such good vibes.
 Wobble, wobble :)
Down, down, do ya thang!!! Cupid Shuffle time!

A party ain't a party without a Soul Train line!!

I had a great time...relaxed and enjoyed socializing with good folks! Looking forward to next year! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Texas International Hair Show 2012

This year I was invited to attend the 2012 Texas International Hair Show, July 1-2, in Mesquite, TX just 15 minutes from downtown Dallas.  As fate would have it I was scrolling down Facebook and noticed a status update from a friend stating Thando Kafele was looking for local Dallas natural stylists to accompany him at his booth at the show styling hair.  Needless to say although I'd heard nothing about the event that was coming up in 2 days, I jumped on the opportunity and immediately sent him an email.  I left it in God's hands and the rest is history.  

Thando Kafele (pronounced Ta-hando Kah-fay-lay) is one of the most known Natural Hair stylists/educators in the industry.  His 15 year plus resume includes Celebrity natural hair styling for Lennox Lewis, India. Arie, Manny Ramirez and his work has been featured in Ebony magazine, Braids and Beauty, and Authentic Hair.  He is the owner of TK Salon in Brooklyn, NY and the Senior Stylist at Loc's n' Chops located in Manhattan.  Kafele is the first Loc stylists in the industry who competed and won Natural Stylist of the year and all he does is loc's so you know this Brotha is bad! He attends the IBS show, and also one of the first recognized Natural Hair Loc Stylists at Bronner Brothers Hair Show.  Among his many achievements, Mr. Kafele has is own hair oil called K-Oil and  is also the international spokesperson for Jane Carter Solutions Products as well and the creator of Team Black, a natural hair styling team of 5 stylists including himself, J.Valentin, Simone Hylton, Queen Roshae and Folami Saunders each from all over the country.  Who knows, Amber Frank may be the 6th addition to Team Black representing Dallas, TX ;o).

I'd been following Thando Kafele on Facebook long before I'd even thought of becoming a natural hair stylist.  To have an opportunity to work along side him was truly a blessing.  I attended the hair show with no expectation aside from doing my best at styling the hair I styled while there.  It was definitely a wonderful experience.  Mr. Kafele is now a professional friend in the industry who extended his professional industry insight as well as personal insight on living my best life.  He went above and beyond mentoring and even put me on the spot a few times during his workshop when it came to my knowledge of natural hair care and educating others on correct verbiage to use when speaking about natural hair styling.  One of the many things he said to me that I will never forget were when people come at me with the "who do you think you are?" attitude my question in return should always be " Who do I think I am I NOT?"  The belief that I am talented enough to achieve anything I choose comes from within, therefore who am I NOT to believe being unreasonable at times and stepping outside of my comfort zone is where my success lies. So simple yet so profound to be respected, appreciated, and compensated. Mr. Kafele advised those 3 words remain embedded in my mind as expectations in every aspect of my life.  It was a life altering experience I will forever hold dear in my heart and spirit. 

 It was the first time I'd ever worked as a team with other stylists Jackson Emile from Houston, TX (not shown) and Fatima Matthews (far right), a local Loctician in Carrollton, TX...the pleasure was all mine.  

Hair Show Highlights!
 It was great to see the Matriarch of natural hair care and braiding at the show Isis Brantley.  I am forever grateful to this Sister for paving the way for every single licensed hair braider in the state of Texas. Had it not been for her going to jail and standing up for her belief that hair braiders do not have to invest 1600 hours of time in studying and training to become a cosmetologist, spending thousands of dollars at a cosmetology school learning nothing about Afro textured hair, I would not be able to live my passion.  Much love to Sister Isis.  I stopped by at chatted with her briefly (she even gave me props on a style she'd seen I'd done) as she twisted this brothers hair with speed and precision...all without using comb! 

 I love unique earrings and attend these events always in search of a booth that has some.  I came across this booth and was AMAZED by the beautiful artwork, sarongs, necklaces, incense and much more. This was the only booth I patronized while there.  As I was speaking to one of the owners he'd asked where I was from and when I told him California, he told me all of them were also from cities in Southern Cali. It was nice meeting folk from home.
 I bought a wooden necklace for my son with the shape of Africa medalion, some wooden hair accesories and a really pretty Bob Marely Sarong....can't wait to rock that baby!

 For more information or to purchase items shown of the  3rd World Roots Collection located in Baton Rouge, LA visit

 The OG's of hair care products Dudley's was in the house!
 Some really talented Cosmetologists and Make-up Artists come from this school.
 The DJ at this booth had the entire convention center rockin'

 Lashes going down for $20...this booth stayed packed

 For the fly Brothers who understand the importance of dressing for success ;o)

 Mocca Make-up Booth

Custom foundation by Mocca

 Walking down the corridors of the convention center I was checking out these ladies being photographed for the hair show and had to get my own snapshot!

It wouldn't be a hair show without Barbers...Wahl represented!
Barber Competition going  down!

1st place winner! 
The trophy was almost as tall as the Barber that won it...
My apologies for the blur...the artwork on the smock was the same artwork on this Brothers head! 1st place well deserved.
Hair Styling was also going  down everywhere...

Hair Trendz was a booth nearby... talk about straight shiny hair, it was beautiful!

 Texas Top Ten Stylists Booth....keeping hope alive 2013 will have some Natural Hair Stylists included in the top ten!

 This stylist getting her net weave on!
 Positive engergy...Namaste!

 I love this Cleopatra blunt and beautiful!

 I had to stop and photograph this Barber cutting this Sistah's hair with shears and a comb the old school way! That's talent!

 A HUGE turn out...

 Saving the best for last...
He wasn't happy about the incorrect spelling of his name :o)
 Tee Shirt's going down at the Kafele Booth


 Kafele and I putting in work!

 Kafele's work...

 Kynxx work...

For more information about Thando Kafele  [click here] .  For more Kynxx on Facebook [click here]
Until we meet again...