Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hair Care for the Natural Boy

Who says a mother of sons can't instill an appreciation for natural hair in her boys?  As a mother of 3 sons (one almost 20) I realize boys of all ages with short hair, long hair, and in between, loc'd or loose can benefit from learning to build a natural hair care regimen and an appreciation for natural hair products. Now that I've decided to keep my hair in its natural state all the time, my sons are learning how to care for their hair as well.  They love the smell of the products I use, aside from some of the Ayurveda powders, (smiling).

I decided to let my youngest sons hair grow at his request about a month ago.  He's currently rockin' a small fro with a taper fade.  I co-wash his fro, towel dry and spray my Knot Today and water mixture in his hair, then add my oil mixture of EVOO, Castor, lavender, and rosemary essentials.  He tells me how much he loves the smell and how soft his hair feels. Even at 5 years old  he is learning and building an appreciation for his Afro textured hair! 

That's his endorsement smile!

My middle son decided to cut his mid-back length hair for the first time 18 months ago.  I was a bit apprehensive at first until I saw how beautiful his hair naturally waved up.  No wave grease or anything, just natural waves.  Not long ago I learned he uses the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in I keep under my bathroom sink.  Funny thing is, he never told me he was using it.  I know the scent and asked him if he was using any of my natural products on his hair.  He reluctantly disclosed he'd been using it just before going to bed and putting the do-rag on afterward.  In the morning he uses the same EVOO mixture I put on his little brothers fro.  I was delighted to know, all the talking and blogging I do about natural hair is rubbing off and he's learning to care for his hair the natural way. 

I don't know too many teenage boys who put EVOO in their hair, but I'm sure glad mine does.  I'm even teaching him some of the natural hair lingo.   

One of the most important lessons I feel they are learning is to appreciate a black woman's natural hair.  When we go places my middle son points out other Naturalistas.  I think this is because he has come to appreciate the beauty and care involved with taking care of my hair. My long term wish is that all my sons will choose wives with beautiful natural hair and undo the false perceptions of what constitutes beauty so many black men are plagued with today (which sad to say in some cases prevents black women from embracing their natural selves).  I realize I am leading by example not only for them in their own hair care but for how they look at other girls and women as well.

If you wished you had a daughter to share your journey with, don't be discouraged.  Share it with your son.  Teach him about your hair and his.  This will ensure when he grows up, he will love another black woman as she is meant to be, relaxer free, and embracing her natural self.  Everything  my children have learned and continue to learn as being positive or negative, has come from their parents.  Our views inadvertently pass on to them and they inherit those same views.  As natural mothers we can help change the distorted views many black men have about natural hair and give their support, understanding, and respect to natural hair girls and women .  By setting the example I will reverse the negative "good hair" myth by encouraging truth, that all healthy natural hair is good hair!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to Make A Protective Weave/Wig

Weaves and wigs will be high on my list of protectives this winter.  I plan on having fun with them wearing styles I wouldn't normally wear with my real hair.  I plan on adding color and wearing short precision cuts since I wearing my real hair this way isn't an option. This will be a part of my growth journey this winter.  I luv the fact I can take it off and clean, condition, and oil my scalp and hair with zero manipulation, which for me is a key factor in retaining length.

People have shared nightmare stories with me about quick weaves that damaged their hair.  In my opinion a quick weave/wig is 100% protection.  If you are properly caring for your hair underneath you will have guaranteed growth and zero breakage.  I recognized there was one commonality in each story...a stylist that didn't know how to care for and protect their real hair from glue damage. 

Below I'll show a few pics demonstrating how to prepare your natural hair for a protective quick weave/wig and not have to worry about your hair being damaged from glue glue will touch your hair or scalp.

Since my hair was already braided from the week prior I moisturized with water and Knot Today and sealed  with an oil mixture of EVOO, Castor, Coconut oil as carriers for the Lavender and Rosemary essentails I've come to luv.

Next I placed a plastic disposable shower cap over my head then put the wig cap on.  Now I was able to glue the weave tracks onto the wig cap with confidence in knowing my natural hair will be protected underneath. 

Depending on the style and the type of hair being used its always best to begin with the nape of your head and move towards the front.

 At this point I contintued to glue the tracks on in a circular pattern unitl I reached the center and place the closer.  I cut and styled it to my liking and the photos above are the finished product.This is the first time I've ever used this brand of hair so Im not sure how long it will last.  I'd be happy with 2 weeks...but Im shooting for 4!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Review

So whats the fuss?..There are so many products for natural hair available now its hard for me to tell if I should go out and purchase something simply because of fuss and buzz on blogs and vlogs.  Hair products are getting quite costly so if the opportunity strikes itself to catch a bargain, I'm not passing it up.  I finally found out what all the fuss was about, after purchasing Giovanni Direct Leave-In, one of the most raved about leave-in conditioners on the market.  While visiting Whole Foods in search of a leave-in I noticed something new.  In the beauty aisle they now carry 2 oz sample sizes of various hair shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and even a few styling products. The 1.99 shelf tag grabbed my attention first when, low and behold, there they were...the entire Giovanni line in sample sizes for $2 bucks a pop.  I couldn't pass it up! kynxx soaked up that little 2oz bottle, but it was just the right amount!
As always I start off with a clean co-washed head of hair of the first things I noticed and luv'd about it was the thickness and gooey texture, I knew I was going to see way more hair definition just by the feel of it.
...applied to each side front and back

...middle and crown
  I finger combed it a bit so as my hair dried it would dry to a with a bit of shape to it.  Since Giovanni Direct is so thick and heavy, I decided to just wear a fro instead of twists.  The definition it gave put me in the mind of using shea butter on wet hair and letting it air dry...
 ...and once it dried... 

Just before retiring to bed for the night I took one more look at it...still looking good through wind and all.  I would use this again, luv it!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Product Review: Sweet Aromas 4 U

Closing of 2010 has proven to be completely different for me then how it so many ways.  One main unexpected occurrence this year was Kynxx and the opportunity to meet new people who are incredibly gifted and talented.   I met owner of Sweet Aromas 4 U,  Serena Gibson on Facebook a few months ago and told myself  I would make sure to order a candle as they are the most unique candles I’d ever seen.  After recently visiting the website, I quickly decided to treat myself to of one of Serenas candles fromSweet Aromas 4 U.  It was luv at first sight when I saw the 3 Wick Heart Candle I had to have it....and I'm so glad I do!
Serena even sent a Thank You note..sweet!

This is the candle,
right out of the shipping box…
beautifully packaged.

...and business cards, nice.

It sits perfectly on my bedroom dresser…lavender scented.

It was easy to see how passionate Serena is about Sweet Aromas 4 U.  I called Serena and placed my order.  She was so kind and explained the shipping process and time frame I should expect to receive my candle. Being that I placed the order right in the peak of last minute holiday shopping on December 24th, and received it December 29 and also taking into consideration the post office was closed until the December 27 ...shipping was fast!   I luv burning scented candles and I'm glad I decided to get one from Sweet Aromas 4 U, after all...

Everyone luvs a treat every now n’ then!

Owner/Creator Serena Gibson