Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy 2B Nappy Expo, Killeen, TX

 Luvina Ann Norwood-Sabree (center) founder of Nappy Headers meet up group in Kileen, TX

Last week I took a short road trip to Kileen, TX to attend another natural/health hair expo in Texas.  One of the things I hoped was that I'd see vendors  I didn't at the previous expo I attended.  There were plenty.  I had such a great time.  Here's a recap of my trip to Kileen...

Struck by so much beautiful brown beauty as soon as I walked well as the Shea Moisture booth right at the entrance.

Goodies by Shea Moisture...

I stopped by to speak with Photographer Larry J. Stephens CEO of EncoreHD Hair Magazine come to find we were already friends on FB. EncoreHD Hair Magazine will feature natural hair styles and will be visiting Dallas, early 2012...I'm already signed up to participate!

Here's a booth I was happy to see again....these are the lovely Ladies of Lock Couture.  As I browsed earrings at her booth the pretty Sis (I forgot her name) standing in the center of the photo below approached me and thanked me for mentioning and showing her work in the last expo post.  That was sweet...feels good to know she got a chance to see it.
I love it!!
Shea goodies...I regret not taking a pic of the name of this booth but it was packed full of shoppers...I had to get in where I fit in just to get his shot.  

I love incense!! I used to make them back in the day so I stopped and spoke with the owner for a bit.  I tested a few scents and with the help from the owner, some he liked, some I liked, we both settled on Touch by Burberry.  Been wearing it ever's niiiice...

MaX Oil and Incense Kileen, TX

I just love this Sisters Artwork...I didnt get her info...big regret.

It was cute seeing all the little ones walking around with their faces painted :o)

I learned A LOT at this booth, My Divine Delivery.  This Sister, Myquel Bender blends teas customed made with herbal combinations from customers request or she can suggest blends based upon what your own personal needs are.  I stood around and listened as she enlighted other visitor on an herb used for female mood could'a heard a pin drop.

You can find My Devine Delivery online [HERE]

Beautiful Melissa owner of The Urban Rose home accesories....

 I'm a sucker for pretty packaging...Thanks Melissa!

You can check out more from or place orders from Urban [HERE]

I HAD to patonize this Sister.  It was love at first sight with her long pretty loc's and she sold the prettiest pure horn jewelry I'd seen in awhile.  The company is called Earthbalisms.  Offering product from fair trade, natural, a nd sustainable resources. Handmade soaps, bath bombs and more...for more info about Earthbalism products go [HERE]

...and of course I stood around this booth for a minute. I stood in awe at her speed, again, when grooming this Sisters loc's watching  Malaika Tamu-Cooper owner of Dreads N' Heads Salon in Baltimore, MD.  She also held a workshop during the expo.

Where there's henna...there's me...had to stop and get mine in... ;O)


Riyike Jewels by Anike pretty.  You can check out more of her designs when you visit her webiste [HERE]

400 Years Without A Comb showed on the big screen...nice.
I didn't catch this Brotha's name but he was the MC announcing the preformers and had major jokes..I was rollin'. 

You can tell his hands were movin'!!..and lil' mama's too.

Black is so beautiful.

I didn't attend any of the workshops but I'm they were awesome and very informative.  I stood in the lobby and on looked at the Sista's waiting for the next class.

I just love long loc's....

...and so I decided since I was in a city I'd never visted before which happened to me just next to the largest Army base in the world, I decided to walk around a bit.

 Enjoying the Artwork posted in the lobby of the Convention Center....

I stopped and picked up a few brochures just in case I return and need to know whats poppin' in Kileen ;o)
 On to Fort Hood. Luckily I was rolling with a friend who is an Army Vet and I was able to go on base.  I was hoping I'd run into a few Naturalistas on base...and I did...passed out a few cards.
 Army Headquarters

 Expo Hair Do...super simple.

Courtesy of EncoreHD


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Highlights from Nappiology Expo 2011

Me, Keisha Ricks of Nappy Bliss Hair Salon in DeSoto, TX, Ansylla Ramsey of My Hairitage Salon in Clinton, MD and De Phillips Johnson founder of Nappiology, Inc.

This was my 2nd time to have the pleasure of attending the Nappiology Expo and I was amazed at how Nappiology Inc founder De Phillips Johnson was able to out do last years event.  This year Nappioloy added a pre-expo meet and greet event called Nappy Hour held at the Aloft Hotel, Irving,TX.  I appreciated her holding this event because it gave attendees and vendors the opportunity to network and offered plenty of drink specials...even a signature Nappiology drink!  It was great!!!

During Nappy hour I met so many wonderful people. One of them was a friend from Facebook Darnel Sanders who recently contacted me about a novel titled, Internal Vanity by Antonio Wingfield.  The book is juicy and is about 4 adopeted sisters (with natural hair) from a small town in North Texas, thats all I needed to know, I bought a copy! I cant wait to sink my teeth into it! Natural hair drama begins, ;o)

I left Nappy Hour with TONS of samples...My clients will love these!! 

I was so excited to attend this year.  I'd learned of all the great vendors who were scheduled to be in attendance and all the workshops that were going to be held this year.  Heres my recap of my day at the 2011 Nappiology Expo....

This years expo was held at the Hurst Convention Center in Hurst, TX...the place was HUGE!! I paid my $10 entry and received my welcome bag full of goodies!!

The Lobby

The entrance
As I entered through the expo doors the very first booth is shown above.  It stayed busy, and the staff behind the booth worked diligently to answer questions by consumers.  I was impressed.

Natural Hair pics everywhere!

Pure and Healthy Hair Salon's booth offered complimentary make~up!!

Great things happening at the Aveda booth!

My FB friend LaTonya Lewis of Aveda demo's a hair product for someone.

I stopped at the DevaCurl booth and ended up staying there for a good 20 minutes.  I was happy to meet the woman in this photo Angie Damiani of David Dalton Salon.  She trained in NYC at the Deva Chan Salon (owned by author of Curly Girls Lorraine Massey) and had tons of pics she shared with me of her clientele...all Black women!!! She shared that as long as heat, color, or any other harmful chemicals are on being placed on our hair there is no need to cut 6-8 weeks. I have known this for years and totally agreed with her.  with that said I will be booking my appt with her for January 2012 for a nice reshape!
Ansylla Ramsey owner of My Hairitage Salon in Clinton, MD offered her services and again, another packed booth!

 I had the pleasure of meeting the Sister wearing the twists and the tan vest to the right of the photo the night before at Nappy Hour and we exchanged business cards.  I will definitely be checking out the Amazing Botanicals natural hair care line.

 DJ Francis Jay of Neo~Soul Cafe' spinning on the ones n' two's was great having great music to listen to while walking around the expo!

 Another booth offering hair services...this Sister was getting a scalp massage.

 Riyike JewelsbyAnike Faleti

I love it!!!

 My beautiful Facebook Friend, Designer Shoe Diva, Cassandra Russell...

Of all the photo's I'd taken at the expo, this on is hands down my favorite and the most meaningful.  I was walking around when this beautiful Natualista, LaKeisha approached me.  She didnt know my name but she definitely knew my blog.  She eagerly shared that LuvMyKynxx helped her care for her hair better and that she refers all of her friends family and anyone who asks her about natural hair to LMK blog.  She was sooooo sweet words cannot express.  Her hair was shiny with big defined healthy curls.  I felt proud and thanked her for her support....God is Great!!!

The beautiful Ms. Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solution hair care products.  Her booth also stayed packed. When I took the photo she comment to me " I feel like such a Celebrity" response was..." you are".  She is such a pretty woman.

I was happy to see natural hair Tee-Shirt designer B Naptural Apparel.  I had to buy one, too cute!! 

Exquisite loc designs by Lock Couture

This was my favorite booth.  I know, I know...has nothing to do with HAIR but, it had everything to do with spirit.  The owner of this booths merchandise hand paints Bible scriptures on rocks, plants, totes, and just about anything.  I had to buy one she had already made below:

This is my eldest sons name is Jeremiah and my birthday is 11/29...God spoke loud and clear ;o) and I'm livng his  plan each day I rise!

This was another great booth...massages were offered to relax us Naturalistas while shopping.

I thought this dress was cute...well actually the brown one behind it which was a halter...I didnt buy it and now regret it. Online is still an option!
 Another Salon representing loc styling.

 Another jam packed jewelery booth...
I love to support local black owned beauty supply stores!!
Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed this years Nappilogy Expo and look forward to attending next year and every year!! I walked away with a few goodies and tons of business cards.

Expo Hair and Outfit...