Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Castor Oil Challenge Final Update

I was supposed to have had this post up 5 days ago however, I didn't get any updated final photographs.  Which only leads me to think they felt the exact way I did about it.  Tedious.  I'm going to have to be honest about this challenge. Mid-way in I lost all desire to continue and only did so because it would have been a shame for the host of a challenge to quit.  One reason I wanted to stop using it was becasue, I don't use oil on my hair to leave in unless it's coconut oil and only if I'm wearing a twist out or braid out to give it shine when needed.  Castor oil is way to thick for my hair, even though I diluted it with other oils.  The oily feel was not something I could see myself having to deal with for the sake of possibly growing my hair faster.  In terms of growth I did notice it grew however not to the extent I've seen photos of others who use it faithfully.  I feel my hair grew at its normal rate and sacrificing styling my Kynxx was so NOT worth it.  I'm not knocking the product at all.  Again, for most avid users it works, or they wouldn't be avid users. But for me, aside from coconut oil I'll stick to using them as hot oil treatments or in my deep conditioning treatments for added softening and strengthening.  Here are a few side by sides of my experience over the last 60 days of using Jamaican Black Castor Oil 4 times a weekly. Along with protective styling.

As you can see my hair at the beginning at just above my shoulder blade bone.  After two months of using JBCO it is now below my shoulder blade.

In the photo from December my hair stretched to armpit it is a full inch plus below armpit length.

I notice the inch of growth. My purpose for starting the challenge was to see if using castor oil on my hair consistently could increase my growth rate. One positive thing I did notice was a slight thickening of my roots around my hair line which has always been pretty fine.

I won't be using this oil aside from continuing to use it as an ingredient in River of Jhordan Mango Shine. Thanks to all who participated and shared their goals with me published or non-published, I am grateful.