Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cassandra Stephens MUA Altered Ego

I recently had the pleasure of working with a very talented and professional make-up artist (MUA) name Cassandra Stephens during my first Kynxx photo shoot.  The experience was so delightful I had to share it.  I'm not one who wears make up and on the rare occasions that I do, I've never had full faced make up with foundation, blush, and eye shadow. It was such a treat. I felt like a completely different person not just after wards but during the entire transformation process. 

There were 3 other models present for the photo shoot, all of them Kynxx clients.  They also had the pleasure of being made over by Casssandra.  While the first model, Evone, was being made up I was in another part of the photography studio.  I over heard Cassandra explaining to Evone that orange or pink ( I don't remember exactly) tinted concealers cancel out dark circles around they eyes and help brighten and open up the eyes. It wasn't the details of the information that caught my attention. It was her willingness to share information and eductate others. I find that rare and very commendable.  To me, it shows a very high standard of integrity for her craft.  Not everyone in the beauty industry is comfortable with or possesses the talent to feel comfortable with educating their clients. I learned Cassandra also has her own self titled YouTube Channel where she shares make-up and natural hair care, styling tips and tutorials.  When I heard her sharing make up tips and application tricks I was really glad to have met her.  I already told her I will definitely be using her services for any events I need to get glammed up for in the future.  I'm just grateful she's in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!






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~Cassandra Stephens~

MUA~Natural Hair Stylist~Beauty Consultant
Facebook: [Altered Ego]
Instagram: csteezy85mua
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Braid Elegant Updo

Looking for a quick and elegant way to style your hair?  Here is one I created specifically for those of you who are not able to braid to the scalp like most of my styles require.  It took me 10 minutes from start to finish!

What you will need:
  • Large Tooth Comb (detangle if needed)
  • Soft Boar Brush
  • Open and closed ended bobby pins 5-10 of each
  • 3 non rubber elastics (I used Goody elastics with no metal or rubber)
  • Hair Moisturizer of choice (I used pure aloe vera juice sealed with my Mango Shine Butter)
  • Hair Gel of choice ( I used flaxseed gel by Naturally Amari)

I started off the style on pre-stretched hair from a braid out.  I lightly misted my hair with aloe vera juice all over and used about a quarter size amount of my Mango Shine hair butter to seal in moisture for the style.

To start the style I parted an upside down V in the bang area of my hair near my forehead (shown above), followed by placing my elastic around the section (shown below).

I then parted a large section in the back from ear to ear (shown above) and placed my elastic around the section.
I twisted the sections of hair I'd previously placed my elastics around.  I gathered the final loose section in the middle of my head into an elastic and made 2 large twists with the hair in the middle section.

Starting from the bottom I pinned the large twist going under (shown above) using a large closed ended bobby pin to keep it in place.  As you can see there is a bit of a gap so I used a large open ended bobby pin to close the space so the twist is lying flat against my head.

With the two large twists I made in the center section I placed one of the twists downward and pinned it with a closed ended bobby pin.  The photo below I'm pointing to show how you cannot see where the first section and middle section twists meet...it should look like one big twist in the end.

With the second large twist from the middle section I pinned it going forward towards the upside down V shaped part I made, using a closed ended bobby pin to hold it in place.

All 3 twists are pinned and all I have left is the twist in the front to pin down. 

I flipped the twist going backward and placed an open ended bobby pin where my index finger is held. (shown below)

The final bobby pin was placed in the front shown below again using an open ended bobby pin.

I added a bit of styling gel to slick my sides down and give the style a much more polished finish by softly brushing the sides.  I placed a few open ended bobby pins through out the twist in the middle to secure it to my head as well where I felt they needed to be placed. 

This is a great quick and easy style to wear that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.  I got tons of compliments and stares off of this 10-minute doo!  Give it a try, I'm sure you'll look gorgeous with it! 



Friday, April 12, 2013

Permanent Hair Loss Issues? Styling is STILL Possible!

I must begin this post expressing how thankful and grateful I am to my client for allowing me to do this post.  I've done her hair several times now and this last time prior to the start of our styling session she asked if I wanted to take a before photo. I was elated.  I never would have asked her or any other client I've had for a before photo due to the sensitive nature of hair loss.  Her volunteering the before photo made me so happy.  More than anything, it was her reason for allowing me to. She told me she knows there are plenty of women who deal with the exact same issue or similar she has, some more severe some less.  Mainly, she wanted them to know  hair loss caused by any reason, does not mean one cannot still look FABULOUS rocking an updo! She wanted other women to know how much they could benefit from Kynxx styling services and it is a huge blessing to me.


The photograph below is the style my client above sent to me that she wanted. Although her hair isn't loc'd, she still wanted something similar, recreated to fit her.


After the styling session was complete my client awarded me the biggest most sincere hug.  It really made me feel good to know she felt good.  Just knowing it made her feel MORE beautiful was such a rewarding feeling.

If you live in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area and would like to book a consultation, feel free to contact me at luvmykynxx@gmail.com.  Please allow 2-3 business days for follow up.  


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Hair Hot Oil Treatment

Treating the hair with hot oil is a great way to temporarily repair dryness and brittleness in the hair, soothe dry flaky scalp, and treat dandruff.  Caution should always be used when doing a hot oil treatment to avoid burning the scalp. 

What you will need:
  • Bowl
  • River of Jordan Beautiful Hair Oil or Oil(s) of choice
  • Plastic bottle with applicator tip
  • Plastic Processing Cap and a towel or
  • Hair  Steamer

Hot Oil Treatments should ALWAYS be done on wet or very damp hair.  This is so the oils can seal in moisture.  You can do this treatment prior to shampooing (pre-poo) or you can do this step after you shampoo and before you condition.  I prefer to use the hot oil treatment as a pre-poo. I find after washing my hair following a hot oil treatment my hair is much softer, stronger, and does not have the dry feel it can have depending on the type of shampoo used.  My hair tends to feel moist for days after doing a hot oil treatment.  For information of which types of oils to use for a hot oil treatment if you don't have the chance to order Beautiful Hair Oil, click here to read previous posts all about oils and their specific benefits [Carrier and Essential Oil Posts]

1. First, you need to warm the oil.  NEVER PLACE OIL IN A MICROWAVE OVEN!
Pour water into a small sauce pan and bring to a very gentle boil or just before boil.  Pour close to boiling hot water into a small deep bowl. 

3. If you're using Beautiful Hair Oil, place the entire bottle in the bowl of water that reaches at least half way mark of the bottle (depending on the size of the bottle) for 30 seconds, remove, test the temperature by putting one or two drops on the back of your wrist.  If the temperature is comfortable move forward, if you can stand it a bit warmer place the bottle back into the hot water for another 30 seconds, test again, and repeat until you reach the desired temperature.  If you are mixing your own blend of oils or just using one specific oil the easiest way to apply it is to transfer the oil to a plastic bottle with an applicator tip or nozzle.

4. Section wet hair into 4 sections.

5. Starting where you wish, part the hair into 1/2 inch sections depending on how dense your hair is parts may need to be smaller to ensure complete saturation of oils on the hair and begin apply the oil directly to the scalp. Once applied, gently massage the scalp with the finger pads (AVOID USING FINGER NAILS)

I use my finger pads to massage oils into the scalp and then I gently rub the oil completely down length of the hair.

6. Sit under steamer or place a plastic processing cap over your hot oil treated hair.  If steaming is not an option our remaining hot water onto your towel, wring the towel out from excessive water and wrap the very warm towel around your head, allowing the hot oil treatment to process 30 minutes to an hour. 

Oil and steam  work wonders at making the hair much more manageable.

This is a photo of my clients hair immediately after washing the hot oil from her scalp and hair.  She was left with very soft, moisturized, easy to comb through hair.  Weekly or bi-weekly  hot oil treatments over time will help improve your hairs ability to retain moisture for longer periods of time, help stop dry flaking scalp issues, and improve the luster of your hair over all. 

To purchase River of Jordan Beautiful Hair Oil 


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FingerComber Havana Twist Extension Hair Review

With Summer approaching more Naturalista's are planning on their upcoming long term protective style. Here in Dallas, TX it gets sweltering hot and keeping my hair protected is a must. About a year ago I was contacted on Facebook by a company called Fingercomber, inviting me to their business page to support and view their new line of extension hair. I am so glad they did. FingerComber carries a line of hair that includes very natural true to Afro-texture synthetic hair that can be purchased on a weft for a sew-weave style, wig for full hair protection, or in bulk for the most famous style created by FingerComber, the Havana Twists. It was love at first sight. What I really like about the FingerComber website is how informative it is. Not only can you purchase the hair their, you can also view styling how-to videos. After viewing the Havana Twist install video I knew I had to try it. I broke out my mannequin and after a few tries, I was looking forward to having my first Havana Twist client.   

In the photo above, this is what the hair looks like when it arrives.  My client ordered her hair in advance and stated she received it in 5 days. Not bad! Let me also point out Havana Twist Hair is NOT marley hair that is commonly used as extension hair for kinky twists.  This hair comes in very thick ready to use, separated strips that make installing it easy to manage.  I am very choosy about the type of hair I will work with because not all extension hair has the same quality.  The colors in the photo above are Chestnut Black and Sangria which is the color outside of the plastic bags. 

I used a small amout of product (Taliah Wajjid Tight Hold) at the base of each twist for a clean finish.

Bra-Strap Length Havana Twists I used 3 and 3/4 packs of hair...for the ends I used aluminum foil cut into 4/1-1/2 inch strips and rolled the ends in an upward motion about  inches up each twists, followed by dipping them individually in boiling hot water for a few seconds and allowed them to cool before removing the foil roller.Very small, thin, perm rods would also work well on curling the ends of Havana Twists.

As you can see, the Havana Twists are not started by me using the braid first then twist method.  I start each twist, with two strand twisting for a more natural look at the root of each twist. The method is shown in detail on the FingerComber website.
Fingercomber Havana Twist hair gets 2 BIG thumbs up!!! Good quality, good price, long lasting, and re-usable...get's no better than that!
To book an appointment contact me by e-mail at luvmykynxx@gmail.com