Sunday, May 26, 2013

ATL 2013/World Natural Hair Show

A month ago I finally had the pleasure of traveling to Atlanta, GA to attend Taliah Waajid's World Natural Hair Show. Since my return I've been extremely busy with work and just had a chance to share the photos I'd taken.  I had a great time at the expo and visiting the city of Atlanta in general. So much so I finally got around to sharing photos of my they go!

 This is the Hotel I stayed at while in Atlanta.  It was walking distance to the train station, and about 5 minutes from the airport.  From what I'd read about it hadn't been there for very long.  I had an awesome stay. The hotel shuttle drivers were extremely generous with their time taking us for food and doing other favors that exceeded their job descriptions if you ask me. Definite perk!

So fresh and so clean, clean....loved this room.

Changed clothes and ready to hit the train station!
 College Park  MartaTrain Station
 Me on the Marta.  I traveled from College Park to Medical Center which was about a half hour trip.

 A good friend picked me up from the station in Medical Center and was kind enough to show me around the city.  One of the first things I noticed while riding around ATL was how green and how tall the trees were.  It was a like being in a major metropolitan city in the middle of the forest.  Beautiful.

 I was starving and wanted some food I never can get here in TX...SOUL FOOD! Yeah!
 Collards, Candied Yams....

Baked Mac N' Cheese, Pinto's, and Cabbage....goodness gracious!

All I ordered were sides and everything was BOMB!

This was my fit for the night.  My best friend missed her flight and wasn't able to attend the World Natural Hair Pre-Party gala.  I was out with 2 of my clients for the night who were sweet enough to show me a good time and get me out fo the room for the night.  We had a difficult time trying to locate the venue to the pre-party and by the time we arrived it was over.  We ended up going to Frank Ski's to get our party on.  Very nice place to hang out, nice music and although I didn't order food, the food I did see looked appetizing.


Changed up the "doo" for the show opting for a cute and quick protective updo.

My friend arrived early in the morning the day of the natural hair show. It rained that day so we took a few snapshots while waiting in the hotel lobby for the shuttle van to return.
Us waiting in the lobby of the hotel for the shuttle van to take us to the convention center.

I stopped here first.  Love me some earrings!! 

Had to stop by Jane Carter and pick up some Nourish & was only $10 bucks!! Saved about $12!

I was pleased to see my highly respected friend, mentor, and natural hairstylist of the year Thando Kafele doing this thing...

Thando Kafele~ Natural Hair Stylist and Self Esteem Specialist

 Gorgeous Natural Models

 I love watching other stylists get busy...maybe next year Kynxx will have a booth and

 Black Onyx of Alika Naturals was in the house representing her brand and a head full of healthy kynxx beautifully!! She was super sweet!!
One of my favorite photos of all I took that day.  I was so happy to meet this beautiful Sista, Katrina introduced herself to me, sharing how she is a supporter of my Facebook fan page.  It's always a pleasure meeting people who are so supportive, kind, and encouraging me to continue doing what I love most in life.  Blessing to have met her!

 I wasn't ready to go and definitely had a great time....looking forward to attending next year! 

Farewell Photos taken in the lobby of Hotel Indigo and shared at all locations over the world.

Cool thing was I managed to rock a different style each day I was there.  I saw so many women with beautiful hair of various, colors, lengths and textures. I even got my shop on while I was there and bought a jar of Burnt Sugar Pomade from they Oyin booth, some Red Raj henna, and a few boxes of organic Cassia from Henna Sooq and chatted with the owner Khadijah Carryl.  Picked up a tank from I Love Being Black and a sarong from my Southern Cali native buddies from Roots Collection, some Nourish and Shine by Jane Carter for $10, and few other goodies. It was such a treat!   

If you're reading this and plan on attending next year, I highly recommend Hotel Indigo if you don't plan on renting a vehicle during your stay. It's walking distance to the train station, the shuttle service will transport you to and from the expo at no charge and there are quite a few restaurants in the area as well if you don't want to eat at the hotel restaurant.  The staff was friendly and the hotel was clean...two thumbs up!