Thursday, June 6, 2013

Product Review: Naturally Amari

One of the many blessings in being a natural hair stylist is meeting clients who share the same passion as I for hair care.  I had the pleasure of styling a client named Tyeisha Haskins  a couple of months ago, owner of Naturally Amari  natural hair care products.  All of her products are pH balanced and have no synthetic ingredients in them.  After visiting her [ETSY website] I was impressed by all of the goodies she had for sale.  I'd always wanted to try Rhassoul Clay Cocoa Butter Deep Natural Hair Conditioner as treatment for my hair and decided to order it along with a large bottle of Naturally Amari Flaxseed Gel. 

 Tyeisha Haskins~Naturally Amari
Hair styled by me for Kynxx Natural Hair Styling

I received my goodies within a week.  I was in awe at the beauty of the packaging and called her immediately to thank her for the thank you/ instruction card she included with my order.


 Since I didn't use the Rhassoul Clay right after they arrived so as the instruction card stated I placed them in my freezer until it was time for me to use them.
 Smelled just like chocolate candy!

 Boil water and pour over frozen clay bars. Allow them to sit in water for a few minutes and begin to stir the clay and water until the clay bars melt.

 After about 10 minutes of sitting in hot water stirred every minute or so.

Add boiling hot water 1/4 cup at a time and stir until the Rhassoul Clay has a pudding like consistency.


 I started out by clarifying my kynxx with Bentonite Clay hair treatment (want to know how to clarify your hair? [CLICK HERE]).  By doing so, I made sure my hair would get the full benefits of the Rhassoul Clay by ridding my hair of any possible product build up.

 I parted my hair  down the middle and started with the back of my hair, applying the clay from my roots working the clay down to the ends.

The Results:

I left the Rhassoul Clay on for about an hour and rinsed it in the shower.  I was SO pleased with the results.  My hair felt so light and fluffy soft after it was rinsed out.  It was untangled and I was able to run my fingers through with very little resistance.

My curls popped again, my hair had a natural sheen to it, the elasticity had improved, and my hair smelled so sweet!  I will definitely be adding Rhassoul Clay by Naturally Amari to my deep treatment list of thumbs ups!!

....still not done!

I have to share the results of the Flaxseed Gel I used on one of my clients two strand twists.

 As you can see, nothing but natural goodness is inside of this bottle!

 Not heavy or tacky.  Left my client with shiny, well defined twists.  I absolutely loved it on her hair.

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