Thursday, July 23, 2015

My DIY Taper Cut

It's been a long time since I shared any updates on my hair and much has changed.  I went from arm pit length to a very short tapered cut.  I waited awhile to write about my experiece because I wanted to give myself time to see if I really liked it.  Not just the look but caring for it too.   I absolutely love it!!  I've been getting so many request since posting photos May 31st of the results of my DIY Taper.  I figured it would be better explaining how I did it and how I maintain the shine, definition, and health of my new look.  I'm not a Barber so taper cutting natural hair isn't a service provided at this time.  

I'd been contemplating on cutting my hair since Fall of last year. I wasn't afraid at all with going short, I was afraid of going short and it being the wrong cut for me.  I tried a wig out and even though it was cute it was a straight wig so I really wasn't able to get a true idea of how I'd look with really short hair.  Then I learned of The Cut Life on Instagram and it was life changing.  I was truly addicted to that page.  I found so many photos and pages of black women with natural tapered cuts offering tons of great information on cutting styling and maintaining healthy natural hair.  So much so I grew the confidence to actually cut it myself! 

As I stated before I found lots of women with tapered cut on natural hair with similar textures as mine, many offering advice on how to maintain the cut and keep hair healthy.  One great piece of advice I read was not to cut the style on straight hair.  Reason being most of us have more than one curl pattern. So let's say the front is longer than the back only in appearance when straightened but if left curly it's not that the back is longer anymore. Instead the curls are just tighter and when left in a natural state the jasper still looks even. If it's evened out on straight hair and the intention is to wear a curly taper than the shape my my be the same once it's wet and kinky/curly again.  It was advised that the hair be more in a air dried stretched state.  That way the curl pattern is maintained and the results of the cut will be true to form after its wet and kinky/curly again.  

I don't have any photos of me actually cutting it step by step.  I didn't want to have to keep stopping. From the first large sized snip I just kept going.  I didn't want to stop myself. I was in a roll and my courage was way up.  I followed a [YouTube video from Abilgail Martina] where she shows step by step how to part the hair for the tapered cut and offered plenty of insight on how she got the final look.  

This was the first snip of my hair off.  I cut my hair in a dry stretched state.

This is me going shorter gradually to the length I felt I'd be comfortable with once curly. 

My fro in the sink 😉

Final look on dry, air stretched natural hair. 

View of the back. 

I added a little product and instant curliciousness! 

This is the curl defining cream I used to  set my finger coils and get the final look.

After washing and conditioning my hair I decided to try finger coils for the first time.  They were so easy to do and my curls popped like crazy! I was and still am in love with these tiny yet very healthy and plump curls.  

Side view. I opted for a right sided part as well instead of the usual left side I always wore. 

I slept with my hair covered in satin and let it dry over night.  I separated the coils and these are the results. 

Since these photos were taken May 31st I've had 3 cuts, my last cut being July 19th. I intentionally cut my hair shorter than I wanted so it would grow into the style thinking I'd be able to go longer without reshaping.  I've heard shirt hair is difficult to maintain but to me it isn't.  For me, the maintenance is all in keeping the shape nice and grooming it around the neck and ears.  Aside from that caring for it's been a breeze.